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A little reset before the new year…

Anna Cley
2 min readDec 29, 2022



Listen to the Plic and the Ploc. The rain is falling from the sky on the leaves of the trees.

Plic. Ploc.

Falling from the clouds on the barks. Running down and through the earth, along the roots of underground life.

Close your eyes and listen.

Water is caressing your shoulders. Running down and down on your cheeks and your neck.

Plic. Ploc.

From your nose to your toes. Who are you, with your hazel eyes and your furry tail?

You like to sing to the moon and run through the woods. You’re the wolf and you’re playful and free.


Listen to the woosh and the swish. The Wind is blowing from mountains to oceans. Carrying within the warmth, the cool, and the hopes of the world.

Swoosh and whiff through the mountains and the deserts. Between Oceans and stars, the winds can travel far.

Close your eyes and listen. Volumes of air inflating your feathers. Woosh and swish above your eyes and under your feet.

Who are you, with your golden beak and your wide wings? You like to fly with the flow and explore the worlds.

You’re the eagle. You feel at home surfing on the waves of the winds.


Listen to the whispering drums. Poom-poom-poom comes and goes at the beats of your heart. In the silence of the night, gracefully pulsing.

Pulsing with the stars above your head, as the Universe expands.

Pulsing like the star that you are. Your heart beats with the world and the heart of the world beats in yours.

The star that you are.

For being alive, for being strong, for being kind, for being so uniquely who you are.

For your secret dreams and hopes. For all the times that you tried. For all the times that you fell and got up no matter what.

For the love that you give, for learning to receive.

For saying no, for saying yes when your heart tells you so.

For the song that plays in you every step of the way.

For your smile, for the laughter that you bring to others.

Now, open.

Open your eyes, your ears and your heart.

How does it feel to be whole?

The Journey of the Heart — All copyrights reserved.



Anna Cley

Creative writer, interdisciplinary artist | Immersive storytelling