The space in-between

A secret gate to eternity?

“I don’t know if the audience hears the silence in the music between the notes. But I do.”

The idea of silence between the notes followed me, not just in music, but daily. I paid more and more attention to the spaces in between.

Miami Beach, April 2018

On the edge of life, we’re being and we’re becoming. The space between the sounds is a secret gate, opening up to a vaster world. Such world is not limited by the boundaries of physicality. Instead, it’s a place of infinite potentials.

Image created with Scrpt

I’ll leave you to this for now: the space between the sounds, the space between the words, the space between the snowflakes, the space between the waves, the space between the breaths…

“To sing is an expression of your being, a being that is becoming.”- Maria Callas



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Anna Cley

Creative writer, interdisciplinary artist | Immersive storytelling