When I was a little girl, I sometimes dreamed I was a little boy. I would wake up shocked and unsettled, wondering what was wrong with me. I was far from being a tom boy though. I loved the romantic Disney movies and my Barbie dolls. Yet I had a strong wish for both freedom and safety that my being a girl took away from me. My favorite tale, however, was The Little Prince and I related to this character a lot more than any princess of any tale.

Living the dream in Niagara Falls, September 2017
Source: Pixabay

International Women’s day and Women’s history month are not just the recognition of women’s battles since the beginning of time. It’s a call to humanity to look at each other with more compassion, love and respect. It’s the hope that men and women team up to create peace and joy together on this planet. It’s a reminder to be gentle and compassionate to each other.

Wherever you are today, take a moment to celebrate the beauty of life with someone you care about.

Transformative Artist | Artistic Director | Author

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