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About Anna Cley

An opera singer and a former rocket scientist, Anna Cley founded the charity VOCALISE to instill hope and courage into children and youth impacted by trauma. A native of France, she performed at Carnegie Hall and in the title role of Carmen after a few years in the aerospace industry. Anna is the author of the forthcoming book The Journey of the Heart, a philosophical fairytale about freedom, courage, and love. Her most recent musical album Opera en Code explores the power of downtempo and human voice on the human mind, for a cosmic trip about the sudden changes in the world, endless breath and love. It was released in July 2020. Anna is an artist in residence at The Graduate Institute for holistic studies, a prime creator at SCRPT, music director and vocal artist at My Hope Bear LLC, Artistic Director at Zen Moose Capital, and Creative Director at Opera Network. She occasionally leads empowering workshops and Master classes to build confidence and influence through posture, breathing and voice. Anna Cley has a strong relationship with nature and is passionate about transcendence and about creating and co-creating the world of tomorrow.


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