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Journey to my true self

The Journey of the Heart is a dream. It’s the dream that more people on Earth will take their leap of faith toward the true calling of their heart. Even when, and probably especially when, the odds seem to be against them.

I have this belief, deeply anchored in me since I was a very young child, that if someone is happier, it makes the world a better place. …

When I was a little girl, I sometimes dreamed I was a little boy. I would wake up shocked and unsettled, wondering what was wrong with me. I was far from being a tom boy though. I loved the romantic Disney movies and my Barbie dolls. Yet I had a strong wish for both freedom and safety that my being a girl took away from me. My favorite tale, however, was The Little Prince and I related to this character a lot more than any princess of any tale.

In my little girl’s mind, being a girl was preventing me…

Love, too…



The doppler reveals the beats, drumming at 160–170 bpm.

It’s the heartbeat of our baby, overlapping mine. We hear it for the very first time. It’s the most beautiful and miraculous music I’ve ever heard. I laugh. My shimmering belly makes the doppler sound loud, losing the heartbeats. I laugh more. I cover my mask and my mouth to stop laughing. Now the doctor laughs, too. Tears of emotion are rolling down on my left cheek. Our baby is here with us. I breathe deep to calm down, refraining from giggling so we can hear the heartbeats again…

A secret gate to eternity?

“I don’t know if the audience hears the silence in the music between the notes. But I do.”

In many ways, Maria Callas has been a strong model for me. This quote in particular comes from one of her interviews that I listened to years ago. I couldn’t find the exact quote, nor the original interview to source this article, but her voice still resonates in me: “Mais moi, je les entends”. She was talking about drama and the importance of authentic acting on stage. For her, there was a lot happening in the silence, and that could make the…

War between robots and humans has already started, and it doesn’t look like what we feared, it’s worse… AI is taking over, but there’s hope. What now?

Lately, I’ve been more and more interested in artificial intelligence. One reason could be my recent involvement in an AI project. This experience made me realize that artificial intelligence is already everywhere. It’s just not as obvious as it is in the movies.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved a certain type of sci-fi. In fact, The Matrix left a deep impression on me when I was fourteen. Ironically, it became the world we now live in.

Image created with Scrpt

Many years ago, I developed a passion for hypnosis. I was attracted by humanist hypnosis which understands that we all…

The courage to choose back

“I think songwriting chose me, as far as I recall… And then I chose it. Cuz you know, you have to choose it back.” - Alicia Keys

I was watching Alicia Keys’ Masterclass this week, trying to find guidance for my new project of music creation. So much of what she said resonated with my own experience… “Songwriting chose me, and then I chose it back, because you have to choose it back.”

It is so true that life chooses things for us, and then we must make up our mind about what to do with them. Sometimes choices are easy and simple, and sometimes they just aren’t…

When I was a kid, I was constantly observing the world, trying to understand it. I couldn’t express questions…

Journal of a wanderer

I’ve always loved traveling on my own. In particular, I make sure to not know too many details about the places I go before getting there. I want to let myself be surprised and therefore arrive with a virgin mind.

In fact, I manage to lose myself willingly. Safe enough, and lost just enough, I allow space for moments of wonder to unveil.

That’s how, early this fall, I decided to get out for a walk at the top of the mountain where I unpacked my bags. It was dusk and the road was fringed with empty houses. …

A Thanksgiving story

In France where I grew up, Thanksgiving exists only on screens in the American TV shows. We don’t really understand what it is, but we know it is important on the other side of the ocean.My first Thanksgiving experience occured a few years ago after moving to the US. It was a “Friendsgiving” and felt more like a party than what I had seen on TV. In fact I remember more the joint I tried that night, and the ash that burned my vocal cords, followed by a severe cough… Needless to say, I never tried again. The joint anyway.

“Why do you want to hide your story from your readers?”

It was my first and only meeting with my editor. She had just reviewed my script as I was finally ready for the last stage before submitting it to publishers. She gave me a lot to think about…

I had a vision of “The Journey of the Heart”, Mylandra and Unique, in March 2014, as I traveled alone in the deep winter of Canada. …

I can’t help but look around and see people who are struggling in their relationships; couples divorcing after years of parenthood; couples just married and consciously choosing to compromise on a daily basis; people loving their partner and yet still craving freedom.

I had my lot of relationships. I enjoyed the motorcycle rides on the weekends, the restaurants and seduction games, the getting to know his friends and family, the listening to symphonic music, the reading together, the hikes in nature, the museum visits… However, I hated the organization of meals, the political debates, the repetition of “what do we…

Anna Cley

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