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Through the wall of childbirth

Image by PopcornSusanN from Pixabay

At last, he cries.

The past 10 hours have been the hardest and the scariest I’ve ever lived. From all the scenarios I imagined, the series of events that led to my son’s birth was never one of them.

The presence of a loving partner and a dedicated medical team…

Journey to my true self

The Journey of the Heart is a dream. It’s the dream that more people on Earth will take their leap of faith toward the true calling of their heart. Even when, and probably especially when, the odds seem to be against them.

I have this belief, deeply anchored in me…

Boy or girl?

When I was a little girl, I sometimes dreamed I was a little boy. I would wake up shocked and unsettled, wondering what was wrong with me. I was far from being a tom boy though. I loved the romantic Disney movies and my Barbie dolls. Yet I had a…

Life happens. Love, too.



The doppler reveals the beats, drumming at 160–170 bpm.

It’s the heartbeat of our baby, overlapping mine. We hear it for the very first time. It’s the most beautiful and miraculous music I’ve ever heard. I laugh. My shimmering belly makes the doppler sound loud, losing the heartbeats…

The space in-between

“I don’t know if the audience hears the silence in the music between the notes. But I do.”

In many ways, Maria Callas has been a strong model for me. This quote in particular comes from one of her interviews that I listened to years ago. I couldn’t find the…

War between robots and humans has already started, and it doesn’t look like what we feared, it’s worse… AI is taking over, but there’s hope. What now?

Lately, I’ve been more and more interested in artificial intelligence. One reason could be my recent involvement in an AI project. This experience made me realize that artificial intelligence is already everywhere. It’s just not as obvious as it is in the movies.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve…

Find yourself when life happens

“I think songwriting chose me, as far as I recall… And then I chose it. Cuz you know, you have to choose it back.” - Alicia Keys

I was watching Alicia Keys’ Masterclass this week, trying to find guidance for my new project of music creation. So much of what she said resonated with my own experience… “Songwriting chose me, and then I chose it back, because you have to choose it back.”

It is so true…

A Thanksgiving story

In France where I grew up, Thanksgiving exists only on screens in the American TV shows. We don’t really understand what it is, but we know it is important on the other side of the ocean.My first Thanksgiving experience occured a few years ago after moving to the US. It…

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